Monday, October 13, 2014

The Case for Roll-Out Cargo Beds

One of the challenges to maximizing cargo space in a truck or van is that sometimes there is a need to store product, tools, or gear in areas that are difficult to reach. This negatively impacts productivity by increasing loading and unloading times and puts workers at greater risk of musculo-skeletal disorders.

A roll-out cargo bed, which operates like a large flat drawer on the cargo floor in a van or truck bed, could solve this problem and protect the worker’s health, making the most of the cargo space, without having to enter the truck bed or van cargo area, for quicker and safer loading and unloading.

The business case for roll out cargo bed systems is based on increased productivity and reduced injuries. Making tools and equipment easier to access not only saves time and energy for workers, but also protects them from getting hurt when they need to get to hard-to-reach items.

Extracted from article "Upfits Designed with Ergonomics in Mind"

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