Sunday, January 12, 2014

GMC Spartan Service Vans

What does it take to improve on the best Service Vans around? We talked to contractors around the country, and they inspired our team with specific suggestions for improving the Spartan Service Vans. We listened, and made Spartan Service Vans the most reliable, convenient, simple-to-use contractor vans available.

Single wall construction design - Fiberglass Reinforced Plywood (FRP)

  •     Gives you larger individual compartments, and as much as 22% more total cargo space!

Redesigned compartment structure

  •     Now a part of the overall floor structure, for greater durability.
  •     Refashioned, galvanized steel compartment pans reduce potential for water leaks.


  •     Makes opening and closing doors easier than ever.
  •     Creates a flush-door interior, to prevent cargo damage and maximize your space.

Enhanced appearance throughout

  •     From our improved wiring harness for reduced clutter, to bright, galvanized steel materials on compartments, shelves and threshold, to the optional shelf trim package, we've made Spartan Service Vans great-looking workshops on wheels – so you an project a professional image, and enjoy your work more than ever.

True functionality

  •     Workbench folds down against van for easier access
  •     Greater number of height locations for compartment shelves
  •     Storage bins in horizontal shelf
  •     Redesigned rear-access ladder that lets you open rear doors more fully
  •     Ladder rack lets you tie down even more materials

GMC Spartan Service Vans Ideal for These Applications

  •     Plumbers
  •     Electricians
  •     Contractors
  •     HVAC
  •     Utilities
  •     Municipalities
  •     Painters

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